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What are/is your prediction for Blood of Olympus?

I… still have not read HoH? And I don’t know enough about the plot for a prediction. HoH is on my shelf (and has been since the day it came out????) I just have not felt like reading it for whatever reason. I hope BoO is a good finale, though!!

How does it feel to be one of the suggestions on Google when someone types in "mayday parade"?

THAT IS THE MOST EXCITING OF ALL THINGS thanks everyone for googling me

Oh my god I know this is the worst question EVER and there is no answer at all but I have the worst case of writers block and I just have NO idea where to start although I know my plot and everything... Do you have any tips? Thank you! :)

There is an answer! Or, at least, I have some suggestions, which might or might not help. Let’s hope for the former.

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For the meyers-brigg test, i'm an ENTJ :O just saw yours on this haha. Any chance we'll get a piece soon?

Yooo cool!! I’ve taken the test quite a few times and I always get INFJ or INTJ, once I got it split right down the middle. We’re pretty close besides introverted/extroverted!!

I have been writing but no promises! I was in Orlando all weekend and I got hardly anything done since we were running around. Soon hopefully!

You are so nice to everyone may, I can tell just by the way you answer questions that you are a really good person and I really consider you a friend though we have never spoken, I'm just fond of you I guess!! You deserve all the good that happens in your life, hope you have a great day!! 😘😘

Friend!!!!!!! This is so so sweet and honestly made my day. If you consider me a friend then I consider you a friend. You deserve just as much good as I do and I hope you’re having a wonderful day as well!

can you write a ship besides percabeth? cause you even used to but now they're all you write idk

I can! I just choose not to, since I’m most comfortable with Percy/Annabeth and I understand their dynamic more than other ships. Maybe someday!!

Do you think we'll get percabeth fan in the next two months, I mean I only read your stories because there amazing and I love them so much you have a nice talent writing percabeth. :)

Thank you soo much!! I actually just had Luna read something last night, but it’s still a WIP. Definitely within the next two months, unless something really unexpected happens. I’m sorry about how lax I’ve been, I just hate to force inspiration or force myself to write. Soon though!

maaaaaaay i miss youuuuuu

I miss you too :-(

If you ever need to talk about family stuff, send me a message on hangouts. ")

Thanks pal I’ll keep it in mind!!

What up you are amazing with you're fics and could you make a jasabeth one or maybe percy and piper one ????

Hello and thank you so much!!! I’m not writing a lot right now since there was some family stuff and we’re just now settling down again and all so I’ll get on it soon I promise!! I’m just trying to make sure that I keep writing for myself and not just writing for others you know?? I’m really considering the Jasabeth thing but I’m so attached to P/A so that’ll be a transition!