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Ananan BEth 🍤
Hey May, just wanted to say your fanfic a are absolutely luminous! They make me happy. :) have a wonderful day,love! 💛💙💜💚❤️

I’m happy I can make you happy. Thank you so much!!

i just finished reading your track au, and let me tell you its one of my absolute favorites.. but really anything made by you is my favorite haha. i truly enjoyed it, so thank you for sharing such a wonderful fic with us :)

!! I’m so so happy you liked it. I’m really pleased with the response—I was worried everyone was kind of over me, I guess, and I was starting to think that I wasn’t writing as well. You’re very welcome and thank you so much for reading!!

may may may i have the best ficrec ever for you!!!! it's called 'everything may has ever written' by maydayparade8123. i was SQUEALING close to the middle, you HAVE to try reading it

This is the cutest message I have ever received and I am going to print out a copy and keep it in my wallet

Do you prefer writing Percy's point of view or Annabeth's?

Percy’s!! Not quite sure why, since I identify with Annabeth a lot more, but Percy’s point of view is a lot more fun to write.

How come you don't write many Jasper fics? (Love your writing by the way)

Just a personal choice!! I like them a lot and tend to include them as a side pairing, but the truth of the matter is that I haven’t gotten to know their characters as well as I know Percy and Annabeth’s, since I didn’t pay much attention through TLO and I haven’t read all of HoO. My understanding of Jason and Piper as characters is very, very limited and I tend to take a lot of liberties when I write them for that reason. Maybe someday when I reread HoO I’ll be able to write some quality Jasper!!

You should read this fic on fanfiction called "door chimes" by toomanyhearts it's actually pretty good? and punkpercy/girly annabeth which is gold as always.

x It’s a cute idea!! It’s not really my kind of style as far as reading goes, personally, but I think quite a few of you guys will enjoy it.

JEALOUS PERCY GIVES ME LIFE THANK YOU SO MUCH MAY (and my parents in the next room over are probably wondering why I'm laughing at "my homework")

SAME. I laugh at my homework too, though it’s usually more of a hysterical “oh my god I’m going to fail this class what the fuck do I do” type laugh. Hopefully yours was one of amusement. I hope you’re well!!

Just out of curiosity, are you writing any other stories?

A few!! But I only write in my free time, which is only here and there. I’ve been working on a few seperate things but nothing’s gotten rolling well enough to send to my beta. I’ll let you guys know when I think I’ll have something out soon!! Hope everyone’s well with school and all.

I'm upset because I guess I'm kind of a loner, too, and it kind of bugs me. I have friends who I hang out with at lunch, but we're a little group, and sometimes they hang out with others and I'm just... alone? I just feel kind of depressed sometimes, and I don't really even know why I don't have a ton of friends, I guess I'm more of an introvert than I think I am, but I wish I could get over it?
Have you ever read/written a percy/annabeth story that's basically based off of the song Mine by Taylor swift? Cause I think that idea is so cute :)

I’ve definitely read some a while ago but it was more of a song fic and less like a based off general plot of Mine. I’ll let you know if I happen to stumble across it?